Hello and Welcome to The Saddle Shoppe--My Western Wedding and Stationery Happy Place!

My name is Landyn and I am the owner, creator, and designer behind The Saddle Shoppe, and the products you see here. Building and maintaining TSS has been a true blessing over the last two years, and I am so grateful!

The Saddle Shoppe was originally created as a personal project, only weeks after my own engagement. I desperately wanted the common products all brides get (Bridal planners, engagement gift boxes, bridal party proposal gifts), but in Western Style. To my disappointment (and luck), there was nothing, and so I created them for myself. The products turned out so useful, and so unique, I knew I had to share!

I come from a long line of hard-working, ranching, western women, so the task of building the concept and physical business was an exciting challenge! The western lifestyle (whether it's work ethic, morals, fashion or food), has always been my passion! For 4 years, I worked at an Urban Highschool in Colorado, as an Agriculture Teacher and FFA advisor, spreading the importance of agriculture to hundreds of High School students. With that experience, and my background in the western industry, I founded two separate pathways of products--Western Wedding and Western Stationery--and have never looked back! In 2023 I will be taking on TSS full time, and I could not be more excited! My business has not only allowed me to express my love for the agriculture and western industry world wide, but it has allowed me to connect with other western loving individuals. I have found my niche and my place within this big world, and I cannot wait to see how I am able to share my passions and platform with others!

So with that, please look around the expansive variety of products--whether you're a bride, a teacher, a rancher, or a true planner connoisseur, there is something here for you! Thank you for being here, being you, and loving the Western lifestyle as much as I do!