Worth Your Money Wednesday--Where to Start Wedding Planning Class!

Worth Your Money Wednesday--Where to Start Wedding Planning Class!

This spring I have taken a HARD turn towards western bridal products--have you noticed? It's not because I don't love the other stationery products I offer, or the small business services I provide, but because the Western Wedding elements are where I fell IN LOVE with entrepreneurship. And this year I haven't been able to love much about owning a business. 
To be transparent, as all things, this spring has been hard! Like I discussed last week, moving was no small challenge. It turned my world upside down, and not just with the actual aspects of moving. My business had to come to a screeching halt, and with it, all of the progress I felt like I had made since last fall. I understand all businesses go through ups and downs; it's a natural aspect of owning a business. But this has been different. This has been like starting over, only instead of a fresh slate, I have a plate of old and new ideas and obligations burying me. 
So I had to go back to the beginning. I had to remember WHY the heck I am putting in ten hour days and getting paid for two (if it's a good day). I had to focus, plan, and pull up my cowgirl boots with no other purposes than because I WANTED to succeed even when every single thing was against me.
Honestly, I almost shut down The Saddle Shoppe for good. But I love what I do, and who I am able to serve too much to succumb to the pressures of "being successful" and feeling like I am failing that standard, to give up. So that brings me back to my Wedding focus once more. 
I want to help people! That's what all of this started with, and helping brides plan their weddings is SO SPECIAL! 

Where to Start Wedding Planning Class--Is it worth your money?

Here is the question: Is registration for this 2 hour virtual wedding focused class worth your wedding focused dollars? Yes! And let me just tell you why. 

Monetary Value-

This 2 hour class comes in at $49.00 total--no shipping, no taxes. That is $24.50 an hour for an experienced bride and 3 plus year member of the wedding vendor and planning community to help you with your wedding planning! Is it as cheap as getting a bandaid and slapping it over your ever fraying wedding gitters...no. But it's close, and you'll leave feeling like someone seen and acknowledged those gitters instead of pushing them aside! 


Wedding Planner: According to Google the average cost of a full wedding planner is $3,000 to $12,000 depending on that planners' experience and your needs as a bride. Don't get me wrong, for many people this is an incredible option, and I highly encourage getting help if you need it! But for someone who is planning the wedding on their own and just needs a little help making sure it's done right? $49 seems pretty dang affordable...

Cost of a Wedding: I was not surprised when I pulled up average costs of a wedding on Google for this blog. But, if you have just started wedding planning, like me when I did, you were probably surprised at what every thing cost right off the bat. In Texas, an average wedding costs $24,000...let's all *gulp* together. $49 is 2% of $24,000...not too bad! 

I don't want to go around begging people to sign up for this class, because I KNOW it is worth what it costs and I KNOW brides from all stages will be able to take even just a couple tid-bits of good advice home with them. So I won't beg--I just think you should sign up HERE!

Physical Value-

Several brides' brains facing the same questions and challenges coming together? Ideas and answers to those questions? A place to start? A place to finish? Details, details, details? 

I hope you get the picture, and see the benefits of registering! If not, here's a list of what to expect during this class.

What to expect during this two hour class?

-Brainstorm and Identify your wedding day priorities in a group setting

-Create a visual representation of your wedding day priorities (Vision Board)

-Identify your general budget via a worksheet and direction

-Identify "where to start" for your wedding plans, and what’s next

-Meet other brides and potential vendors via discussion

-Time to discuss your burning questions

-Shared ideas and passion with other brides

Emotional Value- 

By attending this class I hope you leave with both a shoulder to cry on that has helped and heard you, and peace of mind of "what to do next" no matter where you are in the planning process. Helping people is my mission, it is my purpose through this business, and my goal for every encounter and opportunity provided by The Saddle Shoppe. 

I don't want to just "sell" this class. I want brides to see the value of the opportunity and JOIN me, in helping themselves and others. Two brains is better than one, imagine 20! 

The point is this: I am not just selling you a 2 hour class. I am selling an experience that meets you in your wedding planning journey, and supports you where you need support. I am selling a listening ear, and a helpful hand. You are more than just a customer to me, you are my dream come to life, and that's pretty damn valuable.

So, What's Next? 

Register! That's it, that's the only step you need to take, and then I will take it from there!

Don't forget to join the growing group of brides over at the Cowgirl Brides Facebook Group! 

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