Worth Your Money Wednesday-- Western Bridal Planner

This last week spent at WESA, taught me some very valuable lessons, as a small business owner. As so many know, being a small fish, in an enormous sea of businesses, cannot be only intimidating, but sometimes, disheartening. And what's more difficult, is when you aren't even the only "fish in the sea" that offers what you offer! 

Now, much to my excitement, I was one (if not the only, that I could find) of very few businesses selling western stationery products at WESA. Being original and offering an original product/idea, is SO valuable in a saturated business market. But it isn't all sunshine and rainbows being "the only one" offering a specific product; many customers, when shopping, have in mind products that they are specifically searching for. And if you are a "one-of-a-kind" product in a huge market, often times your value doesn't appear straight forward. In fact, many people will walk right past your offerings, simply because they have no "base value" of what this product would bring to their business/lives. 

So as I lay in bed on Thursday night last week, I realized three things: 

1. I do NOT have to be the only, or even biggest "Western Stationery Business" on the market. I only have to the BEST. And from experience, I know that means offering high quality products, unique/exclusive designs, interacting and accepting feedback from the amazing community I've created, and continue to push forward with originial ideas. 

2. Remember why I started, what products/services I love, and ultimately, WHY I continue to push through on hard days. It isn't a popularity contest (even though social media wants you to think it is), and a community of like minded people and business, is better than a competition of ones. 

3. I need to show customers the unbeatable VALUE I will bring to their lives, not just the cool "things" I am doing and creating. Which is why I am going to try to start doing a "Worth your Money Wednesday" a couples times a month, highlighting one of my very special products! 


Bridal Planners--Is it Worth Your Money?  

For me, customers compare my prices and value to big box stores like Walmart, and I am simply, more expensive. Not just in bridal planners, but all stationery. But don't let the initial price tag drive you away! 

Monetary Value-

Through The Saddle Shoppe, I offer two different Bridal Book experiences: Customized and Ready-to-Ship. Customized Bridal Books are available for $60.00 (plus sh&h), have 10 different cover design options, allow for customization on cover and insert page, and take 7-14 business days to design, approve, print and ship. Ready-to-Ship Bridal Books are available for $53.99 (plus s&h), have 2 different cover options, and take 3-5 business days to ship. 

For your comparison:

Amazon- Ranges from $8.99 to $49.99 (Zero Western designs, few customizable)

Etsy- Ranges from $14.99- $75 and Up (Very Few Western designs, some customization) 

The truth is, I believe wholeheartedly in The Saddle Shoppe Bridal Books being the BEST. But just because they are the best, and you know thier the best, doesn't mean you can afford one (because we all know how expensive weddings can be!). In that situation, I want to offer you a discount code, as thank you, and a promise, that is it "that good". Please use "BRIDETRIBE15" at checkout to get 15% off your Bridal Book purchase!

Physical Value- 

Now if we look at the value that the product will simply bring to your life, I want you to consider what's "inside" the book. The Bridal Books are over 200 prompted pages, with space for both written, drawn, and photographed inspiration and memorabilia. Because the Bridal book isn't just for planning. There are sections including Bridal Shower and Bachelorette guest book and photo pages, that take this not only from a planner, but to an all-in-on keepsake! And what are "prompted pages", you ask? Each page has questions, prompts, suggestions, etc. to help you think deeply and thoroughly about the wants and needs of your wedding--AND, to increase the value of this planner, all prompts and suggestions are in reference to western/country trends and styles! You won't find that in a Walmart Bridal Book. 

And if the extensive prompted pages aren't enough, planners are made with high quality material, and exclusive western designs that you just cannot find anywhere else! We are not the only western wedding planner out there any more, but I do like to think we are the best. We have the most experience, and most originality to back us up. 

Bridal Book Sections Include: 

1. The Check List
2. The Budget
3. The Guest List
4. The To-Do List
5. The Looks
6. The Gifts
7. The Place
8. The Vendors
9. The Stationery
10. The Plans
11. The Vows
12. The Shower and Party
13. The Wedding Guest Book
14. The Wedding Thank You's
15. The HoneyMoon
16. The Extra Notes

Mental Value- 

When you purchase a Bridal Planner from me, you are not just receiving a product, and forgotten. I see your name, every time a purchase comes through, and I do not forget it! Through my years of business ownership, many of the products and services I have created and offered are done because a customer, just like you, has expressed need for it! And I WANT to help you! You are not only purchasing a bridal book, but a potential wedding coordinating ally, a listening ear and driven heart with a need to support your wedding product desires, and a friend. You are purchasing someone who will work for and with you, and the peace of mind that comes with a friend and ally, has no value. 

Because I BELIEVE in this product, and the value it will bring to your life, I am going to give you a sample of the planner-- for FREE! This sample includes the Overview page, and Priority page, which are found at the very front of the Bridal Books-- an amazing place to start your wedding planning journey, and see for yourself the value this product can bring to your life!  Click HERE for the free downloadable! 

So, What's Next? 

I think you should do some shopping--either for yourself, or someone you know who's getting married! Don't forget to use your coupon "BRIDETRIBE15" to get 15% off your Bridal Book order! And, let me know in the comments, what product I should do for my next "Worth your Value Wednesday", and/or if this deep dive was helpful to you! 

Happy Wednesday friends! 

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