Worth Your Money Wednesday--Western 2024 Planner!

October 1st is rapidly approaching (I know, where they HE** did 2023 go?!), and that means new yearly planners at The Saddle Shoppe. It is one of my favorite times of year, as it brings a lot of planner loving folks to my page, yet again. With so much exposure, it is an amazing time to connect, promote things I have been working on all year, and share the improvements to my page and brand. BUT, it also brings a huge influx of very opinionated, demanding, and critical eyes with it--and that's okay. This is often the side of the business people don't talk about; seeming ungrateful is my biggest fear with this topic. But I think addressing it is so important.

I want to start off with, BE KIND. Not just to me, but every single small business you interact with, especially during this approaching holiday season. Often times, just like me, it is a one person operation, in charge of making products, shipping products, promotion, email and dm responses, new product brainstorm and creation, problem solving, and SO MUCH MORE. It can be extremely disheartening to have a customer act like they are the only "important thing", or that you simply aren't a human behind the screen--so please just be kind, always.

Now that I have shouted from my soap box, let's talk about the positives of "challenging customers". I try (sometimes unsuccessfully), to view challenging customers as an opportunity to improve my business. Often times, comments come during a rush or busy season, and I don't often respond, as nothing I have to say is positive, in the heat of the moment. But I do note them in a journal. And the following year when I am preparing to create those items again, I refer to the notes. This allows me to reflect on things that I can make better, for that year. So what is my most common complaint right around October 1st? Your planners cost too much.

Western 2024 Planners--Is it worth your money?

Here is the question: Are the 2024 planner really worth your hard-earned money? Yes! And let me just tell you why. 

Monetary Value-

2024 Planners will start at $48.50 (plus s&h) and go up depending on add-on and customization selections. This is a $3.50 increase from last years cost--this increase is due to inflation costs (my supplies to build your planner just cost more now), along with some new gifts with each purchase, and updated (and improved), printing materials. Now, I am not going to go into my costs today--saving that for a different blog--but I will give you some other planners to compare with! 

For your comparison: 

Amazon: If you look up "western 2024 planners" you will be met with an INCREDIBLE price--not going to lie. But these planners are often of the lower quality paper products, semi-western design work, and offer customers zero customization. Planners range from $8.99 to $32.00 and up.

Etsy: Etsy if flooded with yearly planner options--many is western designs, but I like to think I am leading the charge on there. Etsy planners range from $52-$75 and up, and most do not offer the variety, customization and add-on options that we do at The Saddle Shoppe. Not to mention, I pride myself if the artwork that makes it onto my planner covers, and always invest in unique, high quality designs. 

BIG Planner Printing Companies(You know they ones): I love many of these planners-- they are so high quality, high functioning, and made with great quality materials! BUT, they do not offer any western options--and if you're like me, that's a big factor. I want stationery that fits my life, not the other way around. So as much as I admire these planners, the cost, isn't worth the value, for me personally. These planners start at $60.50 and go up. 

I don't want to go around saying, "my planners are the best", but many people have said as much, and I am tempted to believe them. And because I believe in my product wholeheartedly, I am going to give you a one-time discount code "TSSPLANNER#1" for 10% off your planner purchase! Click HERE to go to website.

Physical Value-

This year I will be offering a LARGE selection of 2024 planners, all available with a variety of order options. These options will range in price (due to material and time costs), but do not exceed what you seen last year for additional option costs. These options will add major value to your individual planners, making them work best for you!

Order Options Include:

-5 Main Cover Options

-2 Main Insert Options (Regular or Appointment Book)

-8 Add-On Options (Small Business, Rodeo, Photography, Rancher, Health and Wellness, Influencer, Personal Finance, and Study)

-3 Cover Customization Options (Alternate Artwork Design, Added Name, Custom Logo Design)

Emotional Value- 

If we are talking about the metal value a 2024 planner will bring to you life, I want to first ask you, "What does a planner need to bring to your life, to be helpful?". If organization and a smile is your priority, we have you covered! If having your finances, small business records, influencing brainstorming and tracking, health and wellness (and more), in the same place as where you plan your daily activities is a priority...we also have that covered! If needing to feel special, one-of-a-kind, heard and appreciated through options to customize your planner, is a priority, we have you covered. And if you need all of the above? Well, you get the picture. 

The point is this: I am not just selling you a planner. I am selling a product that meets you in your life, and supports you where you need support. I am selling a listening ear, a helpful hand, and a little sliver of daily joy. You are more than just a customer to me, you are my dream come to life, and that's pretty damn valuable.

So, What's Next? 

If I haven't convinced you yet, that the 2024 planners will be worth your money, I'm not sure what will. But I believe in what I sell, and I know, given the chance, you will too! I am not perfect, I have made mistakes in the past, but they have all been HUMAN error, and opportunities to grow and improve so that I may offer the best version of this product as I can. So, will you set your alarms for October 1st--2024 planners release? As a friendly reminder, if planners sell out, they will be restocked weekly on Fridays at 5pm Mountain time. 

Drop a comment below letting me know what 2024 Western Planner variation you are ordering this year! Click HERE to go to website. And head over to The Saddle Shoppe IG to enter our giveaway for a 2024 planner--winner announced September 30th!

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