Where to Start Wedding Planning with The Saddle Shoppe!

Where to start wedding planning...that is the question isn't it? For each bride/couple the starting point may different because every bride/couple IS different. Wedding's (in my humble opinion) should not only be an expression of your love and devotion for each other, but an expression of that love. And EVERY love story is different--that's what makes them so special! 

Landyn Life Update? 

Life here at The Saddle Shoppe has never been more crazy. For months, my husband Zach and I have been exploring and preparing to move from Colorado to Texas. We had to prepare out house in Colorado to be sold, endure over 30 showings over a month's time, and then begin the process of finding a home in Texas. We toured over 40 houses in 5 days...if you've been house hunting before you know how totally INSANE that makes us. But the truth is, we had a dream, and we were going to chase it no matter the complications. And there were plenty of complications: house offers falling through, failed home inspections on our FAVORITE house, major moving delays and having to move into a temporary basement for two weeks, shutting down my business when I desperately needed the income, moving 16 hours with two car sick cats and a 100+ degree fever from the most miserable flu I've had in a long time. It. Was. Not. Easy. 

But God put this so heavily on our hearts. And who am I to question the incredible work He does behind the scenes? 

I am excited to say we are finally in our new home and have had the time to set it up. It is a miracle and a blessing--I have never felt more "right" amongst the chaos and uncertainty of "what's next". I'm ready to make some friends and business connections; like really! If you're in the DFW area, let's meet up! 

Western Wedding LookBook?

Even while I was closed during the madness of moving, I was working on one of my biggest business projects to date! The Cowgirl Get's Married LookBook and Collection are a labor of love and grit. 

After getting to participate in Blush Out West's Lookbook class, I realized the opportunity in creating such a thing for not only my business, but the community of brides I have the chance to serve. This LookBook is a tool for me, you, and every bride you meet, and I hope that it continues to reach far and wide helping everyone who finds it! 

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out this 125 page tool full of unique western products designed by The Saddle Shoppe, incredible tools provided by wedding vendors to help you plan your dream wedding, and collection of 100s of wedding vendors eager and excited to help you with your wedding journey! 

LookBook Link Here!

Where to Start Wedding Planning Class?

I have designed a special 2 hour class designed to help brides because I truly enjoy HELPING; it's that servants heart! I recognize that every wedding is unique and special, as it should be, but there are basics that are helpful to know for EVERY wedding, and those are the topics that we will be coving in this class.

Who Would benefit from this class?

Brides! Wether you are just engaged and looking for a place to truly start your wedding planning journey, or a bride who has already started but wants to make sure they are checking all of the planning boxes-- this is for you!

When, where and how will this class be hosted?

This class is meant to be the ultimate tool for helping you start, iron out, or tie up those important wedding planning details! Because I hope to help brides everywhere, this class will be hosted online via zoom! Plan to join The saddle shoppe and other brides May 20th, 2024 Starting at 6pm CST! This will also be recorded, and you can rewatch with your registration purchase.

What to expect during this two hour class?

-Brainstorm and Identify your wedding day priorities in a group setting

-Create a visual representation of your wedding day priorities (Vision Board)

-Identify your general budget via a worksheet and direction

-Identify "where to start" for your wedding plans, and what’s next

-Meet other brides and potential vendors via discussion

-Time to discuss your burning questions

-Shared ideas and passion with other brides

How to sign up and how much does it cost?

You can sign up via the link provided. This will take you to the saddle shoppe website! Registration for the class will close May 10th! The cost for this two hour class will be $49.00!

I know that is titled "Where to Start", but the truth is, this class could be a useful tool for brides in any stage of wedding planning. I have worked with several brides who need help checking those pesky "todo list" items even towards the end of their planning, and that is okay! It's all about you and your needs! 

Why a Bride would benefit from this class?

It is simple--two brains are better than one. Not only have I planned my own wedding (and created an entire business around what I learned doing that), but I have been running and operating a wedding business centered around wedding planners for over 3 years, helping over 500 brides so far! 

As a past bride I understand the total overwhelm that comes with planning a wedding. I understand the impossible amount of choices, and the never ending receipt of wedding related expenses. But what price would you put on a sliver of peace and certainty when it comes to your wedding plans? What price would you put on being able to exchange ideas, tips, vendor suggestions, etc. with other brides going through the exact same thing? What price would you put on being able to spend more time on your wedding day loving your partner, instead of worrying about wedding details? 

Wedding Planners aren't for everyone. But more often than not, it comes down to price, and how dang expensive weddings are that prevent people from booking a wedding planner. This class is meant to be an affordable way for you to get some of that help, without breaking the bank! 

So yes, I think ALL brides would benefit. And I stand by that. 

What's Next? 

Not to be too obvious, but REGISTER! I would love to work with you, hear about your wedding dreams, and play a small part in helping them come true! Registration closes May 10th so don't miss your opportunity. 

And if you aren't a bride, or if you're a wedding vendor and you made it this far I appreciate you and your time! If you think you know someone who would benefit from this cost effective wedding planning class, please send them my way! 

And last but not least--Join our new Facebook group (Brides, Vendors, Peeps interested in the Wedding Content) now! We are doing a giveaway for registration for this class there! Facebook Group

Register Here!

 Have questions? Shoot me an email at thesaddleshoppe7@gmail.com or drop them below! 

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