Creating a Unique Business-For Beginners and Experts Alike!

We ALL start somewhere! But I will be the first to admit, when I very first started my business, I did't believe such a statement. There was no way other, super successful businesses, had struggled as much as I was. There was no way they had gone days, weeks, without making a single sale. There was no way, a post that had taken hours to photograph, edit, make the right caption, and then post, got 2 likes in a day. No way. 

But maybe, just maybe, there was a way... because everyone, who has ever started a business, has started with just one simple idea. 

How I Started The Saddle Shoppe:

When I very first started The Saddle Shoppe, it all stemmed from a single question--"Where, the heck, are all the Western themed wedding planners?" Amazon had none (that weren't cheesy as heck), Etsy had zero, and not a single person could even understand what I was asking for. 

The concept was simple. I was getting married, and I didn't want a floral or zebra stripped wedding planner; I wanted one that had turquoise, and horseshoes, and leatherwork. I also wanted a planner that was full sized and covered EVERYTHING wedding related, not just the basics. 

So I made one. For 2 months I designed this baby. And I had no experience making such a thing. Once I had it designed, I HAND-PAINTED my first cover (because it was just for me), and had it printed at FedEx. That was supposed to be the end of my journey. I'm so glad it wasn't!

Just take a second here, while I reminisce; 3000 sales, 400 different products, and 16 thousand followers later, and I was going to quit after just one. I'm not one to brag about myself, and I am horrible with compliments, but I want you to hear me when I say this: If I can do it, while working as a full time Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor for two years, during the height of Covid? Babe, you got this! Just don't give up! 

3 Tips for Beginning Businesses (Or Businesses Stuck in a Rut): 

1. Find at least one product or service that you WANT to offer that is unique to others in your field. 

Find your Niche. You don't have to be an expert in everything, or even multiple things--you just have to be the expert in at least one product or service! That means, pick something you are extremely passionate about and learn everything there is to know about that one thing. Truly, if you are going to work for yourself, you might as well do something you love, and be damn good at it! 

We will talk a lot more about Niching down and focusing on your niche market, but that is a topic for an entire workshop (wink* wink*). Today, it is just important that you know you should be the best at one thing--and the rest will stem for that one passion! 

2. Find your people. 

Ask yourself, why are you/did you create(ing) a business? For most people, it is because they are wanting to offer a good or a service, for others; they hope to solve a problem, or answer a question. So when you are doing your day-to-day activities (big or small), it is so important to keep "your people" in mind! 

Utilize your people when designing and creating new products; always serve their needs, and your goods or services will always be applicable to people you are selling to! This helps to keep your business relevant! 

Whatever you do--do it for the people who support your business!

3. Find a support system. 

We were never meant to do this life alone. Just like we were never meant to build a business alone! Finding a support system can be scary, and challenging, but it is extremely important! Some days, it can be hard to keep going, but when you have a support system of other people who know what you are experiencing, it does make it a little easier! 

There are several ways to create a small business support system for yourself! 

1. Utilize Social Media--Reach out to people and businesses you'd like to work with or who are in similar fields that may be able to offer you advice. 

2. Be a Friend to other Businesses--You'd be surprised how many people are just looking for a friend to talk to, especially one who understands what they are going through. If someone contacts you, be kind! Be there for them in any way you can! 

3. Attend in-person Workshops and Conferences-- Not only will you have a shared experience with people now, you will leave with a tool bag full of new ideas and strategies!

 An Opportunity to Learn How to Create a one-of-a-kind Business: 

Wether you are just starting a business, or are a seasoned veteran, learning and collaborating are two extremely important tools to developing and maintaining a successful business! As Ms. Doubtfire once said "HELP IS ON THE WAY DEAR!" As a business owner myself, I am taking the next step in my business growth and development, and sharing what I have learned with other businesses! 

I would love for you to consider joining me for this incredible opportunity to grow your one-of-a-kind business through workshop lessons and collaboration with other businesses! 

Topics to be covered during the Workshop: 

1. Embracing what makes YOU special, and marketing that to your audience

2. Small Business Fellowship and Collaboration

3. Creating and maintaining a Unique Brand

4. Finding and serving "your people"

5. Creating Specialty Marketing that serves you

Basic Workshop Information: 

- April 22nd, 2023  

- 12PM-4PM Mountain Time

- 10 Spots Available 

- In-Person Only Options

 Your Workshop Ticket Includes:

-Tools to develop and/or maintain a Unique Business

-Coffee and Afternoon Snacks

-Small Business Workbook complete with workshop notes, designed and printed by The Saddle Shoppe

-Goodie Bag with several Awesome gifts

-Social Media Photo and Video Opportunities/New Content

-Business Connections with other women in business

-One on One's with Landyn and other small business minds

-Extended Opportunities to mingle and collaborate with others

 What's Next?

Set your alarms for March 17th! Tickets for the first ever "Saddle Shoppe Talk"-Small Business Workshop, will be going live at 8am Mountain time! And as stated above, there are ONLY 10 SPOTS available! I am beyond excited for this opportunity, and I truly believe you should be too--It's going to be incredible! 

If you have questions regarding the workshop, please drop them in the comments, as next weeks blog will be covering Q & A's regarding this event! 

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