Finding the Joy in this Season of Struggle

I truly believe God puts people into your life, when you least expect it. And it is a wonderful surprise when it happens! As you know I have been struggling, but we've talked enough about that for now. In my struggle I came across a sweet, sunny, beautiful lady named Kiah, and she has provided me so much inspiration over the last month--inspiration that was very much needed! Do you guys ever find a person like that? If you have, you know how special it is! 

Kiah has recently talked a lot about appreciating this season of life and finding the joy in each day! So today I want to do that with you, but with my business in mind! It is so easy to get wrapped up in what is going wrong in a business, or what tasks still haven't gotten done, that we forget to appreciate how far we have come, and what things make us happy! 

Finding Joy in the Little Things: 

Everyone preaches this--you might be guilty of it too! But, do you take your own advice? When it get's down to it, do you actively CHOOSE to find the joy in things, even when it's hard? Like really hard? Because being happy and joyful is almost always just a choice away. 

Ways to help you focus on the positives in your business- 

1. Make an "Accomplished" list at the end of a day instead of a "To Do" list. At the end of your day, it is so important to take time for yourself to decompress and leave work at work. Doing an accomplished list, can help do that! And incase you were wondering, an accomplished list is exactly what is sounds like; write down everything (big or small) that you accomplished that day. 

2. Visit with someone who understands what you are going through. Having a support system is so important. Talking to someone who is in the same job, or runs a business too, or has a lot of the same day to day tasks as you, can be super freeing and validating. Don't underestimate the power of a good chat. 

3. Journal or Blog about it. This blog has been a really good place for me to reflect each week. And when I'm in the thick of it, I don't always see the sunshine on the other end. But when I read back through my blogs, I see nuggets of advice I should be applying to my own life. Or I see all of the positive I am doing. Sometimes you just have to write it down before you can see it for yourself! 

Focusing on this season of the business: 

I have worked REALLY hard to get to where I am with my business today. And I really want to take a moment to appreciate how far I have come, the things I've accomplished, and the opportunities that are closer than they ever were before! Just because I am struggling, doesn't mean my past self wouldn't be completely blown away with where I am--and that's something to celebrate! 

When I started The Saddle Shoppe, it was a silly little idea that I thought I could make a little side cash with. I had one product, zero social media experience or presence, zero marketing and sales experience, and not a single sale to my name. Today, March 22nd, 2023, I have over 300 different products and services, 16.7 thousand followers on IG and 16.3 thousand on TikTok, and over 3000 sales. Yes it is super slow right now, and yes I am not sure what direction to take my business in next, but dang--I am doing it! And I say all of this to hopefully inspire you--if I can do it, you can too! 

Top 5 Accomplished in this Season of my Business: 

1. Cowgirl Magazine 30 Under 30!

2. A network of friends world wide that I wouldn't have met if it weren't for my business!

3. Going full time with a business I've created!

4. People of all walks of life using my products in their day to day life!

5. Getting to share my creativity with the world, and getting paid for it!

One opportunity that I did not ever plan on, was hosting a small business workshop to help other women in my area. My fear of failure and rejection has held me back for a very long time (in life and in business), but with the inspiration from others, and the calling in my heart, I am finally ready to take on this next adventure. I truly believe it will be another major milestone in my career. This is an opportunity I never thought I would be ready or qualified for, and now it is here and I could not be more excited! It's all about appreciating how far you have come!

What's currently bringing me Joy in The Saddle Shoppe:

I have A LOT of products and services going right now--I love to be creative and share that with you guys! That being said, I really want to continue to lean into my 2023 goal of "Quality of Quantity". Yesterday I had a coffee date with some friends and they suggested I make a list of all of the products that bring me joy (and consider getting rid of the ones that don't), so we are going to do that together! 

1. Saddle Shoppe Talk-Small Business Workshop (BEYOND EXCITED FOR THIS ONE!!) 

2. Custom Wedding Invitations 

3. Custom Bridal/ Wedding Planning Books 

4. Stationery Subscription Boxes 

5. Western Academic Planners (The Ag Teacher Planner has a special place in my heart)

6. Vintage Style Saddle Card Packs (and all cards honestly)

7. All of the Horse/Ranch/Farm Wife Almanacs 

8. Everything is the "Save Horse-Cowgirl Cait Stationery Collection"

9. The OG Saddle Pullover 

10. Online Wedding Coordinator (Coming Soon!) 

11. The Saddle Adventure Series Apparel (Coming Soon!) 

12. The Gardening Planner (Coming Soon!) 

13. The Livestock Record Book (Coming Soon!) 

What's Next? 

I have a big ask of you this week: If you read this, and found it inspirational in any way, please use the following prompt on your IG story, and tag The Saddle Shoppe. I want to connect with you, and hear your stories too! Lifting up and cheering on others as they explore their journey is so important to me, so please allow me to do that for you! 


"Today I am finding Joy in-" 


"In this season of life or business, I am most proud/happy about-" 


Happy Wednesday Friend!

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