Creating a Vision Board with The Saddle Shoppe

2023 is the year we inspire ourselves, so that we may achieve our goals! Achieving our goals, starts with one very simple step....creating them! You can wish for success, hope for something better, pray for answers, or dream of winning it all, but until you put effort into figuring out "what you want" or "where you want to go", you may not find your solutions. 

Now, I am no expert, but I do have plenty of experience in creating goals and plans, and teaching others about them. I was a High School Agriculture teacher for four years, and have been an entreprenuer for 2 years--full time for 6 months. Helping others is a huge driver for me in everything I do, have done, and aspire to do. So today, I hope I may help you, even just a little, in finding direction and purpose in your 2023 adventure! 

 What is a Vision Board? 

Do you know what manifestation means? I had to look it up. The general definition (in simple terms) is an action that embodies something [somewhere, someone], especially theory or ideas. So what does that mean? And what does it have to do with a vision board? To "manifest" is to take actions that embody something, with the purpose of achieving it. A vision board is exactly that. You are identifying purpose and direction that may become actions that embody the life you want to live. (Please stick with me, I didn't believe in manifestation even 2 months ago, but if you try this one simple task, you may see the results you seek..) A vision board can be done on paper or even online, but the tasks are the same. Brainstorm, collect images and words, and create a vision (or goal) for yourself. So let's get started! 

Preparing your Vision Board!

Before you even begin creating a vision board, you must prepare for it. You must take actions to identifying the direction you want your vision board to go... seeing a theme yet? To prepare for your vision board, I recommend you answer the following question. Take as much time as you need to answer them-- be sure to write your responses down!
  • Answer the Question: What is most important in your life?
  • Answer the Question: What are you focused on for this year?
  • answer the Question: What makes you feel most proud?
  • Answer the Question: What makes you feel most alive?
  • Answer the Question: What experiences do you want to have? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to go with?

Creating Your Vision Board!

Now comes the fun part--getting to visualize your responses to your questions, and bringing those ideas to life. For this, I recommend using Canva, which is a free online tool. For your vision board you can use your own photos, or Canva has a huge selection of free photos as well. I don't want to give you too much direction, because I want you to be the creative here; make the vision board what you want and need it to be, not what an example shows you. That being said, I did include my vision board for 2023 so that you may see what I am doing if you really want! Above all, be brave. The only limits on what you can achieive this year, are the ones you put on yourself. If you want to accomplish something, this is the first action into bringing that "something" to life! 

  • Create a poster/Board on Canva.
  • Choose images that represent your answers above. Upload any of your images into Canva. The rest can be found in the "Elements" section of Canva.
  • Cover your board with large background images (The "Big" Goals).
  • Layer on smaller images (The "Small" Goals/Details/Steps to achieve).
  • Add important words on phrases.

Using Your Vision Board!

Now you have created your vision board--how do you continue to "manifest" the life you hope, dream, pray for yourself, while using this tool? Using your 2023 planner (a little shameless of a plug I know, but I'm manifesting my own goals here too)! 

  • Print your vision board and put glue into the inside cover of your planner. You can also set it as your phone/computer background.
  • Using the "Goals" page at the beginning of each month, pick 1-3 ideas from your vision board to focus on and write into the "Goal" section. (These ideas can overlap).
  • Brainstorm what you will be doing, where you will be going, who you will be going with, for that month. and then think about how those will help you achieve your goals. Create steps using those guidelines and put into the "Steps I need to Take to accomplish" Section.
  • Review the images and phrases on your vision board again. Think about WHY you are striving toward those goals that month. Put that response in the "Note to self when I feel like giving Up" section.
  • Repeat each month.


What's Next? 

Can I just say I am proud of you? You have taken the first step in creating the life you want to live, YOU did that! It will not always be easy; I will be the first to tell you the self-doubt and imposter sydrome monster chase me at least once a week. But on those days I look at my vision board and remember WHY I am chasing these dreams of mine, just as I hope you will. 

I'd love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below regarding one goal you are working towards in 2023? I'd love to help you chase it! 

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