The Entrepreneur and Creator Behind The Saddle Shoppe

Wow, what a week! I have to be honest, I am going to be crying writing this; it's been an emotional rollercoaster here. As I said last week, I have been struggling some mentally and emotionally. I have been struggling to find my purpose again, and understanding why I would have been led to pursue this path with my business, only for it to slow down so much that I am scared of not being able to pay my bills. I have been struggling with the pressure of wanting to make a difference with my voice and story, but not knowing how to access the people who need to hear it. I have been struggling with me; who do I think I am and how can I possibly be enough. But that's the devil talking. 

This last week I had the opportunity to attend the Cowgirl Magazine 30 under 30 Gala (and weekend FULL of events), as a member of the 2023 class of recipients. Me, tiny-town nobody, struggled with self-worth and identity since day one, lost more relationships than kept, outspoken in topics I find important, shy and awkward to the bone, Landyn, was recognized as one of the top 30 under 30 cowgirls for 2023. And the truth is, I'm so frustrated with myself. For so many years, I fed myself the lies from above, and believed them wholeheartedly, and dammit, they are not true. 

What is true, is that I am a very creative lady who see's the beauty in the western way of life and wants to share that with others. I am a smart and innovative woman who see's the struggles that others face, and want to provide a solution that will make their lives better. I am a loving and compassionate partner, daughter, and friend, that put's the needs of others above my own. I am a passionate business owner who wants to be the best, in order to offer my customers, the best. I am a devoted follower of God, and believe that the people and the paths that have been taken from my life, were done so, so that I can achieve what I am meant to achieve. And I am an authentic person, who wants you to see how important what you have to offer the world is, and who wants to help you chase your dreams. 

So with all of that in mind, today I wanted to give you a better look into "Who is Landyn", "How does she live her life as a Cowgirl", and "Why is she qualified to teach a small business workshop"? 

Who is Landyn? 

My gosh, little girl Landyn would be straight fan-girling over the woman I have pushed myself to become. I grew up on the Western Slope of Colorado in a zero stop-light town called Collbran. I lived on a generational ranch, where I was the 4th generation cowgirl to call that place home. We raised black angus/hereford cross cattle for market, horses for Little Britches and High School Rodeo, market pigs for 4-H, goats for goat roppings, and cats and dogs for sanity. And it was incredible. I still remember summers riding my horses through the aspen trees, and what that mountain air smelled like. 

We lived in the smallest town in America (not-really but it felt like it), and although the ranching lifestyle was amazing, I always yearned to be a part of the world in a bigger way. When I graduated high school, I moved to Sterling Colorado and attended a Junior College (NJC-NJU for those of us who had the pleasure of going there), and pursued an AG Education degree. As a freshman and sophomore in college, I was extremely lost. I didn't know what I truly wanted to do, and who I wanted to be. What I did know was that I desperately wanted to be accepted. With the help of my college professors, and just a couple girls I still call my dearest friends, I found my way to CSU--still pursing my Agriculture Education Degree. From Sophomore to Senior year (and a little beyond), I was in a very serious relationship, still just trying to feel accepted. 

My first year after graduating college, I landed a teaching position at the school I had always wanted to be at-an Urban High school in Loveland Colorado. My goal, since I began college, was to teach agriculture to kids who were living where agriculture was not readily accessible to them; that is where I believe the gap to be and I wanted to fill it. And in that job, with a friend I truly believe was sent by God, I found who I was, for the first time.

Soon after getting my dream job, my love life took a turn for the worse, a turn I said from childhood I would never make because I never wanted to be alone, and I moved into the creepiest house you can imagine. I was lost all over again. And in walked my husband--isn't it funny how God works? Zach and I are Bumble babies, it's true, and it wasn't even love at first sight; poor guy had to work really hard for it. Soon after we decided to really start dating, we moved in together, and COVID hit. And while I was in the hardest battle, career wise, we got hit with another blow. 

Zach was flight-for-lifed to Denver with a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball--one we didn't even know he had, and my world stopped. Now, this is a very long life-altering story, that I promise to share another day, but the gist is this: I was back to not know what the heck to do with my life. So I decided to start brainstorming ways that I could start making money on the side, or potentially work from home if his condition required me to be home with him. And after getting engaged and realizing there was very little for western wedding planning out there, The Saddle Shoppe was born. 

Fast forward to now, I quit my teaching job in the fall of 2022 to pursue The Saddle Shoppe full time. And although it has been amazing learning to work for myself, it has also been scary. One big thing I have learned is that I miss teaching people and sharing my servants heart with others. Which brings me to why I am hosting my first ever Small Business Workshop, which will focus on being unique, and sharing your unique talents with others!

How does she live her life as a Cowgirl? 

I should start with, what is my definition of a cowgirl? This weekend, I was asked that A LOT, and it really got me thinking. For me being a "Cowgirl" is more about who you are, rather than what you wear, where you come from, or what you do for work. In my opinion a Cowgirl, is courageous, hardworking and authentic. I believe that being a cowgirl takes guts and grit. It isn't an easy lifestyle, and I don't mean, living on a ranch or working cattle. Although those qualities also make you Cowgirl, I believe working behind a computer, building a western wedding and stationery business from the ground up, fighting with financial ups and downs, and struggling with "the haters", prove that I have "guts and grit". I also think that shows that I believe in hard work, and not quitting until the job is done. Yes I have a different journey than a lot of Cowgirls out there. And yes I dress differently, and express myself differently. But that makes me authentically who I am, and I am not afraid to show the world that. 

The world needs more Cowgirls-girls and women who are not afraid to share their beliefs and light with the world, work hard for what they want, and show up as the best version of themselves! As a Cowgirl myself, I try to live out these values daily, and use my voice to encourage others to do so as well! 

Why is she qualified to teach a small business workshop? 

Aside from 4 years of teaching experience, and 8 years of obtained knowledge surrounding teaching, I also have over 2 years of experience in entrepreneurship, 12 plus years of public speaking experience, and a life-long passion for helping overs! When I started The Saddle Shoppe in 2020, I had zero experience, zero followers, and even less clues about what the heck I was doing. Today, I have 16.7 thousand followers (I prefer friends and potential clients), over 1000 sales, 300 different products, and awards backing my business like Cowgirl Magazine 30 under 30. I am doing the dang thing! And the best part, I want to help you do it too! 

So, What's Next? 

It's really simple this week--just sign up! Registration opens this Friday (3/17) at 8am Mountain time, and I truly believe those 10 spots are going to go fast, so you do not want to miss them! 

And if I have at all spoken to you, resonated with you, or inspired you in any way, please reach out in the comments! I don't say that because I want more traffic to my page; I say that because I want to know YOU and hear your story too! 

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